Shri Villa Farms


Shri Villa Farms  available for sale which come live & fulfill your dreams.

Shree villa farm is Scenic Location is a "Dream House" for everyone.  In today's High pollution, concrete jungle cities, stress and fatigue are common phenomena, a weekend home is the only solution, where in you can own  a farm house with huge open spaces all around, grow a variety of fruit bearing tree of all seasons and enjoy refreshing pure air with lush green surroundings in a scenic location.

A Guaranteed free gift here is 'PIN DROP SILENCE' where you can here whistling when it rains and songs of birds all throughout the day, which rejuvenates your mind, bpdy and soul. This surroundings will make you visit every weekend with your family and friends.

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Address Nagpur

City: Nagpur

County: India

Area:   square feet  

Size precise: 300 m2

Sale price: Rs. 15 Lac

Ownership:   Builder  

Views Counter: 606


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